WELCOME To The New Sea Cliff!


Sea Cliff's new voting platform and council designed to give a voice to all residents!

Villages only exist at the discretion of the residents

    According to New York State, the residents of Sea Cliff are in control of the village. All village officials and employees of the village work for us.

   We have formed the Sea Cliff Council to oversee and supervise the matters of the Village through petitions and voting on this site. 

   Our first referendum is to form this new Sea Cliff Council and establish online voting. We ask you to vote and become a founding member!

A beautiful view of our beloved Sea Cliff

We Won!

Our referendum has passed                  943 Yes, 3 No


The Sea Cliff Residents Council is official! 


If you voted for the council, we thank you and will be in touch with the next steps! If you didn't get the chance to vote, you can join the council here 

History of Sea Cliff

Villages were created in the late 1800s with local resident initiative to differentiate from towns and counties and allow for more autonomous control over your lives.


     We love many things about Sea Cliff Village, but we need to separate the basic services like garbage and street cleaning from the personal gain of village employees and officials. 

      it's our goal to bring back the basic services more efficiently and make a village that is creative, social and fun!

    We look for your support now and will help modify Sea Cliff.

     Vote now and become  a founding member of the SeaCliffgov.org family. Thank you!






     The role of our new group is to reform Sea Cliff, empowering residents to have more control over their direct lives. Many issues and  acts have been passed by the government including abstract payments, and the residents deserve the right to know and discuss their impact. Our referendums are  local initiatives that will keep the power of the Sea Cliff government in check and make sure the residents best interests are a priority. 





Sea Cliff Gov.org


    Our other main goal is to establish online voting so that the opportunity to be heard is at your fingertips instead of the other side of town. Currently, Sea Cliff elections are held from noon to 9pm once a year. We plan on having voting weekly  that can be accessed on your smart phone. We also are open to suggestions for other referendums or initiatives from any resident in Sea Cliff. 

     We plan on taking these changes to the state and leading a new movement in resident empowerment. Join us and become a founding member. We promise lower taxes more freedom, less fear and opportunity. We thank you from the seacliffgov family 

What We Stand For

Sea Cliff Pioneers Online Voting